How the 21st century child perceives illogical radio and TV #commercials

By- Kingsley Obom-Egbulem

“When things get tough, smart women get cooking”.

That was the first line of the new Maggi radio advertisement currently running on most radio stations.

We were on our usual morning drive to school two days ago when we heard those words and my daughter reacted “Daddy whaaaat…is that correct? So when smart women are having problems and things are getting tough in their office, they start looking for pots and gas cooker to cook?”.

Sincerely, I couldn’t get myself to defend whatever the copywriter or whoever came up with that Ad concept. And my daughter wanted to be sure I was on the same page with her.

” Nomso, I know smart women do so many things when things get tough, and cooking may just be one of them”, I tried to convince my daughter while still wondering what the connection between being smart, facing a tough time and cooking.

My daughter has never hidden the fact that the kitchen isn’t one of her favourite space in the house.

“You and mommy keep wondering why I don’t like washing dishes and cooking, but I have showed you people my goals in life and cooking and washing dishes are not part of it”, she keeps telling us each time her name pops up on the roaster for home chores.

So, you can imagine the disgust on her face when a radio commercial is trying to link cooking with being smart. She wasn’t going to allow that pass without a contest.

“Daddy, are you telling me now that when a smart woman is involved in an accident on the road and she bleeding and the situation is tough she will ask them to get her gas cooker and pots or ask to be taken to a kitchen so she can start cooking?”

Before I could even respond to her interrogation, she went on with more questions. “Only a foolish woman would want to cook when things get tough, a smart woman would think and come up with a solution to deal with the tough situation”.

By this time I was wondering what exactly is my business with this radio Ad… Why would I suffer for the sins of someone working for an agency that Maggi chose to work with on this campaign.

See me see trouble o!

“Nomso, I agree with you, something is definitely wrong with the advert. I will pass your message to Maggi and the people responsible for the advert.”

“Yes, Yes. Yes”, by the time she was jumping as if she’s just won a major debate. “Daddy please tell them to remove the advert from radio it is not saying the right thing because smart women use their their brains to find a way out of any tough situation”.

So, please make ụna help me tell them for Nestlé o. And for other copywriters, it appears we are beginning to get a taste of how consumers of would react of to our commercials tomorrow and most of them are kids currently being empowered to think and ask questions. It appears some of the stereotypes we have used to build brands in the past may become weak and hollow to persuade the 21st century child who would soon become your customer.


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