Beware! Poisonous Lead still around- Children at Risk – Mayowa Adeniran

The Executive Director of SRADev Nigeria Mr. Leslie Adogame with School Children

The Executive Director of SRADev Nigeria Mr. Leslie Adogame with School Children

Paint Manufacturers in Nigeria have been encouraged to eliminate lead compounds from their paint formulation due to the damaging effect of lead to children brain development and pregnant women.

The Executive Director of SRADev Nigeria Mr. Leslie Adogame stated this during a media briefing to mark the International Lead Poisoning week of action held in Lagos.

Mr. Adogame explained that this year theme “eliminating lead in paint” was very important to Nigeria because four years after a study to analyze paint samples which result showed that all the samples exceeded lead levels, paint manufacturers in the country were still including lead in their paint formulation.

He lamented that no far reaching effort has been made by the government to set regulatory standard for the paint industry in Nigeria, leaving the general public to the mercy of paint manufacturers in the country.

According to him, lead is added to paint to improve its covering power and durability but lead is a powerful poison. Lead exposure is a well-known source of harm to children’s health that can cause adverse lifelong effect such as decreased intelligence, poor school performance, mental retardation and violent behavior.

SRADev appealed to Paint Manufacturers Association of Nigeria to use alternatives to lead as drying agent in paint production to ensure a lead-safe environment for all kids and pregnant women.

LEAD FREE KID LOGO 1The second session of the International Conference of Chemicals Management in 2009 identified lead in paint to be international priority issues of concern and this resulted in United Nation Environment Programme UNEP and the World Health Organization WHO jointly initiating a global partnership to eliminate the use of lead compounds in paints to protect health and the environment. This partnership is called the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP).



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