Vanguard’s 2016 BusinessMan of the Year: Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo

Given the challenge of rising unemployment as an aftereffect of divestments, production line terminations, Forex emergency and other monetary burdens, it was to a great degree endearing to note that a couple agents, as opposed to drawbacks into their places of refuge while the tempest rose, conquered the headwinds by putting more in the nation’s economy.

One such icon is Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo. Just in March 2016, in a move seen to be in arrangement with government’s offer to diversify the country’s economy, this highly talented business specialist bundled a N150 billion (US$750 million) agro-venture, named Wells Sam Carlos Farm, a 9,000-hectare worry, in Edo, his home state. The ranch will give 25,000 direct employments and 60,000 circuitous occupations. This is other than a 20-hectare greenhouse, (by the Benin by-pass) likewise in Edo, adjusted to deliver 600 tons of vegetables monthly. Between the agro-endeavors and the organizations he claims, Captain Hosa, as he is affectionately called, is capable specifically for the employment of no less than 30,000 Nigerians. In the event that his advantages in different organizations are figured in, Captain Hosa’s organizations have brought no under lesser than 100,000 occupations in the most recent 30 years.

A man of humble beginnings, Idahosa Wells Okunbo was born in Benin to the late Reverend Robert Amos Okunbo, a minister and educator. Youthful Hosa went to Government Primary School in Benin City, after which he continued to Federal Government College, Warri. As an adolescent he had for a long while been itching to be a pilot, and followed up this craving when he went to learn at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Center, in Zaria, turning into an expert business pilot at 21 years old after graduation. He later went to ACME School of Aeronautics, Fort Worth, Texas, in 1983, where he acquired Airline Transport Pilot License.

At 25 years old, he turned into a flight chief, flying with Intercontinental Airlines for around two years. In 1985, he joined Okada Airlines, from where he resigned from dynamic flying in 1988 at 30 years old, in the wake of logging more than 7,000 hours in flying time.

It was now that his business direction brought off with the foundation of Hoslyn Ventures Nigeria Limited, an acquisition firm working in the oil segment. Hoslyn Ventures is an indigenous oilfield benefit firm that was in charge of the Early Production Facility (EPF) extend at NNPC/NPDC, somewhere around 1998 and 2001. As of late, in his assurance to help the country take care of the issue of unrefined supply to the Port Harcourt refinery, Captain Hosa’s firm assembled an underground 46 km supply pipeline which disposes of rough burglary amongst stages and the refinery in Port Harcourt.

As indicated by data accessible on the entrance of one of his organizations, Captain Hosa is likewise director of the under-listed organizations

PPP Fluid Mechanics Limited, a raw petroleum coordinations organization

OMS Tankers Ltd, proprietors of the primary indigenous marine tankers in Nigeria;

Westminster Security Solutions Limited, an establishment of Westminster Group Plc UK.

Wells Habitat Limited, an organization cooperating the Abuja Environmental Protection Agency

Hoslyn Habitat Limited, a preeminent outline, development and finishing organization

Wells Property Development Company Limited, required in the advancement of moderate properties/workplaces

Gyro Air Limited, administrators of contract flight operations

Notwithstanding these, he is an executive with generous interests in the underlisted organizations

Joint Marine Environ Guard Ltd (JMEG),

Secure Anchorage Area Limited (SAA)

Digisteel Integrated Services Ltd

Incorporated Energy Distribution and Marketing Limited (IEDM), center financial specialist in Ibadan and Yola Electricity Distribution Companies, and

Phil Nugent Nigeria Limited.

Of his most recent, attempt, Wells Sam Carlos Farms, which at take-off is anticipated to give 25,000 immediate and 60,000 circuitous occupations, Captain Hosa says:

“This is what I call my vision, what I call my legacy, something that has been in my dreams for some time. I have been nurturing it, working on it for over five years now. We have just started. This is very important to me because at my very young age, as a pilot, I conquered my profession at the age of 30 and I left. I went into business and by the grace of God, I have done well. With over 60 vessels in the seas, I think I have conquered the sea. And coming to land, I said that before the land takes me, I want to conquer the land. I have started already with a 20-hectare green house at the bypass.”

This is only a peep into the business life of Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo, pilot, businessperson, and humanitarian. For these mammoth walks in business, particularly work creation, he is Vanguard’s 2016 BusinessMan of the Year. More about him will be revealed at the investiture ceremony.


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