How European, American Phone Brands Separate Nigerians – CEO, Zillionaire Air
CEO - Zillionaire Air Technologies, Zukile Manzi

How European, American Phone Brands Separate Nigerians – CEO, Zillionaire Air

The Chief Executive Officer, Zillionaire Air Technologies, Zukile Manzi, has explained how the European and American brands brought separation among Nigerians and Africans, thereby making them think that carrying the most expensive mobile phone, laptop or tablet means that you are bigger than other people are.

Manzi stated this in an interview with PUNCH’s Ozinma Ubabukoh.

The Zillionaire Air Technologies chief, said those brands degrade those who cannot afford the so-called high-end products as a result of their purchasing powers.

He said: “One thing is that non-Africans do not make our products for Africans, but rather they Africans make our products for Africans. Meaning our authorised dealers are African private stores whom we will equip to be able to maintain, repair and restore all gadgets purchased by our clients. Our products are purely African.

“At Zillionaire Air Technologies, we ensure that everyone carrying or using our gadgets develops the pride in carrying pure African-made gadgets with high spec and good quality. We bring togetherness to our people by producing high spec gadgets at the price that they can afford; with this, they can share the happy and good moments of using the best quality gadgets at a price they can afford”.

According to him, Nigeria is a very big market for technology and Zillionaire Air Technologies already received massive purchases from authorised dealers in the country.

“We manufactured our gadgets fully prepared to accommodate cloud storage. “We will be launching our cloud storage technology in Nigeria for our gadget users not forgetting the massive storage space our gadgets have, with emphasis on one of our laptops that has two terabyte of storage.

“Cloud technology is the future, so we will bring access of cloud technology to our customers all over Africa”.


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