Extreme poverty will end by 2030 – World Bank

World Bank’s Group President Jim Kim said the bank was determined to boost shared prosperity to end extreme poverty by 2030.
Kim said this at the Brooking Institutions on the eve of the World Bank/IMF Annual meeting in Washington DC on Tuesday.
The Theme of the conference is “We can end poverty together.’’
Kim said a new World Bank survey showed how income inequality among peoples had decreased, and inequality within nations had fallen in many countries, both rich and poor.
“Ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity is our bottom line. We will achieve these goals in three ways: “Firstly, accelerating inclusive and sustainable economic growth, investing in human capital, and by fostering resilience to global shocks and threats.’’
Kim said to end poverty, massive infrastructure and no matter how much money the bank and other international organisations were investing would never be enough to bridging that gap.
He said that in recent years, the demand for infrastructure investment had far outstripped available resources.

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