Group Alleges Recycled Projects in Niger Delta Ministry’s Budget

The Niger Delta Budget Monitoring Group, NDEBUMOG, following a review have come up with critical observations concerning the efficiency and transparency of the 2016 federal appropriation for ministry of Niger delta affairs signed into law by President Mohammadu Buhari.

The group explained that a sizeable number of the line items for the said ministry are projects that have received appropriation from inception.

“There are several matters concerning this Ministry’s appropriation for 2016, particularly, allocations for old projects, tagged as “new”, including; what happened to previous allocations to same line items vis a vis other chary budgetary lines that we have observed for FY 2016.

To put it succinctly, these projects have received billions of naira for several projects ove the course of 6 years without evidence of the projects being executed, effectivelyalleging that the projects are recycled by the ministry.

One is then forced to wonder if there are no monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in place to fully determine if goals are met and if funds are properly utilized.

They have called for the need of the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs to assume full responsibility and ensure that the funds are duly used.

“we request the Minister to investigate, if these old line items from previous appropriations, “inserted” as new, actually got capital releases and at what percentage or what was done with the partial releases, if any.”

While the group has stressed the need for the involvement of stakeholders and community members, Anti-corruption agencies have also been charged to carry out independent investigation, ensuring that all stages of implementation are thorough.


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