Group calls for peaceful coexistence in Lagos

Pan Yoruba National Alliance (PAYNA), a civil group, has asked non-Yoruba in Lagos State to respect the culture, norms and heritage of the people to foster peaceful co-existence.
The group, at a rally, said the assertion by some people that Lagos is a no man’s land is false.
PAYNA affirmed that Lagos is a legacy of the Yoruba people since inhabited the land about 5,000 years ago.
The group added that for the Yoruba to agree with people that their land is a no man’s land, shows lack of respect. And a pronouncement as this is capable of causing disharmony in the state if left unchecked.
They also berated the maltreatment of some Yoruba in hands of some Igbo people within and outside the state.
National Coordinator, South West Progressive Movement (SWPM), Comrade Taiwo Ajayi, said none of the tribes in Nigeria will take it kindly if their land is referred to as a no man’s land just as the Igbo will not take it calmly if the Yoruba call Onitsha a no man’s land as it rightfully belongs to them.
He added: “I doubt if the Hausa people will calmly agree that Kano is a no man’s land.
Ajayi said that even the ill-treatment has extended beyond the borders of Nigeria, while he alleged that the office of a cardiologist of Yoruba origin, Dr Ariyo Adeniran was picketed in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America (USA), by some people of Igbo origin.
He said that some Yoruba in the employ of Igbo people are being targeted for sack because of their tribe, describing it as callous and unacceptable.
Also, Martins Adeleke, National Officer, Oodua National Initiative (ONI), said some people were offended because of the support the South-west gave to Muhammadu Buhari during the May 11 presidential election, saying that Lagosians and other Yoruba people residing in the state are set to make things difficult for anybody that tries to desiccate Lagos.
In contrast, Public Relations Officer, OLM, Sunday Akinnuoye, lamented that people who get their daily bread from working in Lagos are maligning the people of Southwest for no just cause, stressing: “We will not give in to any molestation by people we allowed to earn a living in our land.”
The PAYNA group consists of Oodua Covenant Movement (OCM), Oodua National Initiative (ONI), Oodua Hunters, Oodua Agbekoya, Oodua Traditional Herbalists Association (OTHA), Yoruba Progressive Alliance (YOPA), Oodua Traders Union (OUT), Oodua PeoplesÆ Congress (OPC) and South West Progressive Movement (SWPM), and all complained that the Yoruba are being targeted for hate, especially by the Igbos.

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