NSCDC Rescues Nine-Year-Old Boy in Ota

The Nigeria Security and civil defence Corps (NSCDC) Ogun state Command yesterday rescued a nine year old boy at Ajibawo village along Atan-Ota in Ado-Odo Ota Local government area of Ogun State Nigeria.


Korede in the sordid environment where he was chained in the Church

The nine year old boy named Korede Taiwo was said to be stealing soup from the cooking pot of his stepmother named kehinde. She reported to the Father who took step by chaining his hands and legs. This situation was on like that until a good Samaritan informed NSCDC officials on surveillance patrol of critical infrastructure in the area, they immediately swung into action and ensured the boy was immediately rescued.


Korede in the sordid environment where he was chained in the Church

According to the information from officer in charge of Ado-Odo NSCDC Division who led the rescue operation, the boy had been chained for two weeks at the Celestial Church of Christ (Key of Joy Parish).  The boy was tired and pale, unable to talk when he was initially rescued. On getting to the church there was serious resistance by members led by the pastor’s wife Kehinde, but Civil defence Corps men insisted, and they were able to force their way into the church premises. The boy was actually under lock and key. They quickly took him to the office for necessary entries and documentation and proceeded to the General Hospital, Ota.

The boy was bathed and one Dr. Akintunde asked NSCDC officials who took him there to give him lucosade boost, they then they decided whether to cut the chains so as to enable them administer treatment. Before NSCDC left the hospital, he has been responding to treatment as he has started talking. However, the Hospital Medical Director one Dr. Osinbajo who came later assured the Corps that the boy will get necessary medical attention needed.


Korede receiving treatment at the hospital


Cutting Korede loose from chains

IMG-20160723-WA0027 (1)

Korede being strenghtened with Lucozade boost

Meanwhile, the Corps has since liased with the police at Atan, who promised to continue with the investigation and do all necessary things needed.

When contacted, the NSCDC Public Relations Officer, CSC Kareem Olanrewaju confirmed the incident and said the case will be handed over to the police for further investigation. The step mother, kehinde, Akorede, the boy and the chain with padlock have been handed over to the police. He stressed that, the case was not among those under the mandate of NSCDC to prosecute so, it has to be handed over to the appropriate agency, adding that, when an information is received, the agency that received such must act and handover to appropriate agency having direct jurisdiction.

Kareem stressed further that, in the course of resistance by the step mother kehinde and others when the NSCDC officials got to the church, the father Taiwo, who is also the Pastor of the church escaped. All this information have been relayed to the police to them in their subsequent investigation.


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