Osinbajo Speaking in Kano

“The adoption of SDGs in September 2015 was intended to place our world on the part of sustainable development by the year 2030. The 17 SDGs, which combined economic, social and environmental objectives are intended to be universal unlike the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were made solely for developing countries”.

“The universal application of the SDGs and their 169 targets show that they are a menu of options, this allows the implementation to take count of different national realities, capacities, policies and priorities.

“In the Nigerian context, some of the issues that must engage our minds will lead to economic diversification, sustain economic growth, eradication of extreme poverty, promoting social inclusion, creating jobs, sparring environmental degradation, including climate change.

“The empirical evidence from across the globe has shown that  national strategic planning is very critical for attaining structural transformation and sustainable development. The countries of East Asia have proved this convincingly, even though their development was private-sector driven.

“Strategic plans largely  provide direction, coherence and coordination and they are a veritable framework for guiding the activities of all stakeholders towards achieving a common goal, planning specifics such as goals, target and indicators which embodies the SDGs, also enables tracking, monitoring and evaluation.

“The successful implementation of strategic plans and attainment of the SDGs entails partnership, as encapsulated in the while 17 which as about the need to create labour partnership in order to attain sustainable development.

“Accordingly, just as the Federal Government seeks  international partnership at the global level with regards to rules and resources, we also seek partnership at the national level. Such domestic partnerships entails working closely with the states which is one of the main reasons for the establishment of the NCPP.

“Other essential partnerships are also built with other sectors of society, especially, the private sector, which is the indisputable engine for growth in successful economies.”


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