Our Victory Over Japan Was a Miracle – Samson Siasia

Nigeria U-23 national team coach Samson Siasia has described his side’s breathtaking 5-4 victory over Japan in their Rio 2016 Olympic Games opener in Manaus as a miracle.

Siasia described their triumph as a miracle, ascribing it to the mental toughness of his players.
“I just can’t describe what happened. My boys defied science to win this game; what gave us this game was the mental toughness of the boys. For a team not to train for two days and put up this type of performance is a miracle,” Siasia said.
“When players are tired they tend to lose focus. That is why we conceded four goals. For now, all I can say is I just want to go and savour this victory with my players.”
The coach said the team’s focus was on their next game against Sweden on Sunday after Japan had pushed his team to the limit.
He said, “We just won a game, we can’t and won’t allow this victory get into our heads. Our target here is to win the gold and this is just the first step of us achieving that aim. No two games are the same, for me this hurdle is over, when I wake up tomorrow I will then think of my next game.”

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