L-R Chukwukaelo Ajuluchukwu, Deputy Curator, Olusola Amusan, Curator and Emilia Asim-Ita, Outgoing Curator Lagos Hub Global Shapers

‘We want to put Lagos among top best economies in the world’ – Amusan, Lagos Global Shapers Hub Curator

By: Seye Joseph


With the fast-paced nature of the city of Lagos that reflects dynamism in its activities, the state has continued to receive global attention from business owners, nonprofit organisations, and public service across major sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In its effort to gather support for the economic, social and political growth of the state and the entire country, the Lagos Global Shapers Hub has reinstate its support to immensely contribute to the development of the state to ensure economic prosperity for the state’s residents through its programs, ideas and agenda.

The new Curator of the Lagos hub, Olusola Amusan said this in his inaugural speech when he was sworn in as the new Curator for Lagos hub.

According to Amusan in his short speech, “We need to begin to see the reality of the city we are suppose to be shaping. We must be involved and show commitment to bring the city to be among the best cities of the world”

He maintained that the hub will be spotlighting around policy shaping, making comment, contributing to national development, and engage people in the corridors of power on critical issues affecting the country to let them know the importance and contribution of the hub to the country.

He called on other curators in the hub to step up their responsibilities of governance within the hub. “We want to begin to position ourselves critically so that government can identify us, connect with us and ask us to take up responsibilities to be the real shapers.

“We need to drive critical partnership that will help our hub to the greater height and strengthen the Lagos hub of global shapers community, he urged.

Amusan said further that this is the time all communities across the world is evolving with new ideas to initiate advisory council, and a lot of conversation going around sustainability that falls on the shoulder of the hub to show strength and develop capacity to attain greater feats.

He assured that the hub will be more committed in discharging its responsibilities via different community projects, and run initiatives.

“I’m committed to this and we are not coming to fill positions but coming in because we know that there is work to be done. Partnering with everyone to work on initiatives that will help the state will be the best option for all”, he said.

Also speaking during the transitioning program, the immediate past curator of the hub , Emilia Asim-Ita said that her expectation  for the new set of leaders is to do better than what were done during her own time despite limited resources.

“I expect that he grows the hub. We were 41 and most of us were inactive, it was pruned to 15 because most of us were not active so I expect that he grows the hub and build it to greater height”

Asim-Ita also want the hub to show more responsibilities to shape the minds of young people, teenagers and influence ecosystems through initiatives to for the development of the hub and to the entire state.

“Our initiatives are hinged on entrepreneurship, personal hygiene, education and social media among other strategic partnerships with many local and international organisations”, she maintained.

Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities and an Initiative of the World Economic Forum.



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